Winter Ready

by Ray_Lidl


Winter is here ❄️
Most of us would much prefer being in warmer climes this time of the year, but there's no doubt that winter has its own charms. We're big on all things winter at Lidl, like cozying up indoors, getting layered in fluffy hats and scarves to brave the outdoors, or even snow fights in the garden and a warm tea on a park bench. Let's get ready to enjoy the cold weather ahead!

Big on keeping in the heat 🧦
Those winter days can get chilly, and keeping the heating on all day can be expensive, but there are plenty of things you can do to stay snug at home.

A top tip to retain the heat if you have large or draughty windows is to keep the curtains closed when the temperature outside drops. If your radiator is underneath your window, be sure to tuck the curtains behind it so that the precious warmth doesn't escape!

If you need a little extra warming boost on those chilly days, Lidl can help with a range of snuggly heated items. The Sanitas Foot Warmer has 6 heat settings and a washable fleece lining. Just pop your feet in for speedy toasty toes! Or how about a soothing Shoulder Heat Pad or Heated Cushion. Both are machine washable and made from extra soft, breathable material, and automatically switch off after 90 minutes for safety. All three warming products are available from 5th December for £16.99.

Baby, it's cold outside ☃️
As tempting as it is, we can't spend all winter snuggled up indoors. You'll be wanting to venture outside to walk off that Christmas dinner, and of course there's the obligatory snowman build (weather permitting). Make sure you wrap up warm and keep those extremities protected from the harsh winter. A brisk walk can also do wonders to raise your temperature on a cold day, just take care if it's icy!

Lidl can help keep your feet snug and stylish on those winter strolls with a range of comfortable FootFlexx slip-resistent Men's Boots and extra wide Ladies' Boots, available in store from 5th December for £14.99.

And to keep the chill away from your neck and hands, how about a snuggly cashmere-blend scarf for £16.99, and cashmere-blend gloves for £9.99. Both available in grey and pink from 15th December.

Tea, love? 🍵
No matter what the weather is like, it's absolutely essential to stay hydrated. Remember those insulated bottles you used for keeping your ice cool drinks chilly all day? They're also great for hot tea and coffee (make sure to check the labels from the packaging first!), which is absolutely ideal for a daily walk or any time you have to be standing out in the cold.

As your heating will be on indoors you'll probably feel the need for constant hydration too. This is the perfect time to use a tea pot or tea press, which will keep your tea hot for longer and you can just pour out what you need. If you're interested in picking one up, you can find a 1L Assam Tea Press in Lidl for just £9.99 from Thursday 12th December, which is suitable for black, green and herbal tea too!

Cold hands, warm heart ♥️
It does get super chilly over the next few months, but we hope these tips are helpful and fired up your excitement to make use of your snuggly clothing or to pick out some interesting tea blends that you haven't tried before. Let us know about your favourite winter things below, and any plans you have for enjoying the season. Have fun with the snow fights!


  • Steph_Lidl wrote

    I love getting snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket, a good book and a cup of tea, especially if it's raining/snowing outside. Feels so cosy! I've been wanting to switch from teabags, because of the plastic, so the tea press sounds right up my alley.

  • Tarantula wrote

    What's wrong with loose tea (tea leaves). My teapot has a fine mesh filter for loose tea or teabags. With a teapot, you can have seconds without re-boiling the kettle and if you have a good tea-cosy the tea stays hot. My three favourites are Assam (strong), English Breakfast tea ( an all-rounder) and my all-time favourite Earl Grey. Alas, Lidl only do the teabags of all three at present.

  • Tanith wrote

    Agree @tarantula. No waste.

  • CathG wrote

    It certainly has got a lot colder and winter is upon us. There are certainly some interesting items coming into Lidl. I like the sound of the tea press, will have to keep an eye out for that one. I also love snuggle up when it is cold and wet in front of the firer with a good book. It is my feet which suffer the most in the cold so I will also look at the ladies boots. Thanks also some great tips for keeping warm.

  • Jade wrote

    I suffer with cold hands and feet at times through the cold weather too @CathG I find that fingerless gloves help when doing chores around the house and I have some knee length thermal socks that I bought from Lidl a few years ago... So all toasty and warm here.

  • Mouse wrote

    Tea press sounds good

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    Nothing quite like an open fire on a cold winters evening, the only problem is the dust and mess to clean it out. If I had the chance I would definitely have a log burner or coal fire. If we take the dogs out around 5pm we smell people have just lit their open fires and the smells are wonderful.

    I think its a good idea to have plenty of hats, scarves, gloves and socks this time of year because if we keep our extremities warm it seems to help us feel all snug and cosy. I can't remember the last day when I wasn't knitting a hat or something, they have been really in demand again this year.

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    I love thermals when it comes to the colder months....I find them a necessity for indoors & oudoors...& I always buy my vests extra long in the body, so I can tuck them in, I hate feeling the cold around my lower back & tummy😬 Jade has said, Knee-length thermal socks are brilliant.... I love booty style slippers, I find them extra cosy....polo-neck jumpers, fleeces & long-length cardigans are great for layering your clothing...& nice thick cosy leggings or tights are a must ......also, long cosy nightgowns & nightdresses for extra cosiness is something I always tommiesgirl has also said, hats,gloves & scarves are extremely necessary for outdoors, alongside padded knee or long-length coats to cover up.... & strong boots with fleece-lining are always good for keeping the cold out.....extra layers on your bed as well as your body too....
    Mugs of tea & soup or stews are always welcome to making you feel roasty toasty.🔥.... although don’t forget to drink water & eat well & healthy in the winter months....
    when we lived in Bristol, we had a open fire & I really miss it really transforms a room too, & really creates magnificent warmth.....there is nothing quite like it....

    Stay warm everyone! 😊

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    @ShayM4 even my Hubby will put on a pair of tights under his trousers when he is working and the weather is icy cold.

    There is no reason why you should not wear a hat to bed if you feel the cold. Its your home so wear what you like as long as you are warm and cosy I say 😊
    When I was younger I dressed up in all sorts to keep warm as I have always felt the cold. I remember my Mum saying how any prospective partner would run a mile if they saw me, she would laugh hysterically at some of the things I wore but I was warm so who cares 😊

  • Ukelooloo wrote

    I just picked up a pair of the Esmara ladies knitted leggings today and they are so warm and toasty I don't want to wear anything else! So festive with their fair isle design!

  • Amaksy wrote

    yes pile on the layers to keep warm and gloves and scarf too when out

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    Very true tommiesgirl👍... my mum used to wear a little soft fleece hat in bed... although she had complete alopecia, so, she definitely needed to wear it! ❄️...

    I also forgot to mention pyjamas!.... I do have lots of pairs, although, I always feel abit too dressed up wearing the bottoms in bed... I always wear a top, on top of my nightdress too....
    as you say, proper passion killers, these winter layers!... by the time the layers were peeled off, the passion would definitely be killed! 😂😉

  • Jade wrote

    @tommiesgirl @ShayM4 my hubby wears thermal long johns and vest during the really cold months and is as snug as a bug.... :)

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    Perfect @Jade, it doesn't matter what anyone looks like as long as you are warm.

    Passion??? What's that @ShayM4? 😂😉
    When we first got married I remember my sister and Mum laughing at me because I always wrapped up like a teddy in the winter. The problem was we got married in November and it was bitterly cold, very windy and we had rented a flat on Plymouth Hoe where it always seemed colder.
    Anyway as we had just got married I thought I had better make an effort so I found a way round it. I put on my lovely nightie my sister bought me and just put a jumper, woolly tights and a scarf over the top, it all matched 😂😉 😂😉 My Hubby thought it was hysterical and that was 39 years ago!! 😂😉

  • Tanith wrote

    A beanie is also good for the head, in bed. The body is kept warm by duvets and blankets, but the head is usually cooler.

  • Reach4mi wrote

    I need some need thermals. This winter is brutal

  • Mlml wrote

    I got the beautifully soft Esmera leggings for myself (the black ones) and my daughter (the navy ones). My son saw the leggings and claimed them so off I went to get the grey ones to replace the navy ones for my daughter. So instead of Christmas jumpers we’re all enjoying our Christmas leggings. Super warm and soft!

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    @Mimi the material of the leggings is really good and washes well too so I'm sure you will all get plenty of wear from them.

  • Jade wrote

    Have to agree @tommiesgirl @Mimi the leggings are great, I have quite a few as well.

  • nabob wrote

    Hi, Over the years I have purchased some excellent winter warmers from Lidl. To name a few,..... thermal tights, thermal socks, heated back pad, heated shoulder pad, hot water bottles, slippers, black out blinds, and I think I even had a heated blanket..not to mention the good kettles.... These are all much needed as I have just arrived back from a Caribbean holiday today and boy is it cold. I will be running around fro tomorrow, trying to catch up with some of my Christmas preps

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    I bet you have noticed a bit of a change in the weather @nabob 😀
    You will definitely need all your winter warmers.

    I bet you have taken some great photos. If you get time it would be lovely if you could share them with us, you know what we are like for being nosey on here 😀
    Seriously, it would be good to see somewhere warm after looking out of the windows and seeing constant rain etc, like we do each day.

  • Seakay wrote

    thanks for the good reviews for the leggings - I was debating within myself if I should get them and now I shall.
    I did attempt to buy a warming pudding on my last visit to Lidl - I'd reviewed that chocolate steamed pudding with an orange centre and I really wanted to try the cherry one but there were none! I asked a member of staff who said they can't order anything and never know what will be delivered so the only advice was to try again next week. :(

  • nabob wrote

    Hi, @tommiesgirl yes I will be trying to keep warm now for a few days. I am having trouble with getting a photo loaded so many apologies. Hopefully I will work on how to upload one shortly. Very best wishes.

  • LOUSOUS wrote

    Love this time of the year,wrapping up warm,but I hate the wind.

  • kc1 wrote

    home made soup is always my winter warmer

  • Jade wrote

    Oh definitely @kc1 I made my leek, potato and parsnip soup last week and there was enough for three days..... Mmmm

  • kc1 wrote

    ooh= parsnip added to leek and potato ? I will try that.@jade
    I have just finished our broccoli & stilton soup with leftover cheese from xmas- yummy !

  • Jade wrote

    @kc1 you will find it in the recipe section. 😉

  • Ezeeboo wrote

    2words Electric Blanket

  • Reach4mi wrote

    i dont like winter, lets just skip it all together.