Big on Christmas Prep

by Jules_Lidl


Christmas is coming! 🎉
We know it can sometimes feel like hard work to get everything ready for your celebrations, but it's undeniable that the hard work is worth it in the end when everyone is sharing the festive goodwill and delicious food. Preparation is absolute key if you plan on enjoying your Christmas and our best advice for you is to prepare early. It might sound ridiculous to be talking about this in November but believe us, it will come sooner than you think!

Keep a list of gift ideas
Start taking mental notes immediately in the next couple of weeks when speaking to your friends, family and loved ones. Writing the gift ideas down will be even better! You just need two columns with names and the ideas next to them. This will help you keep track of what to get and will also allow you to tick people off or add them as you go along. You don't want to be forgetting about anyone! We highly recommend checking in on Lidl's weekly leaflets every Thursday to see upcoming offers at a great price. You might see suitable gifts that you didn't think consider! Don't forget to check in on our Black Friday offers on 29th November too. It's the thought that counts indeed, so allow yourself plenty of time and thought to get the gifts right.

Crafty Cards
If you want to go the extra mile on thoughtfulness, how about making something? Making gloves and scarves is an excellent choice of course, but if you don't have the skill and time how about making a Christmas card instead? It'll make a nice finishing touch to what they would usually receive and would certainly make your card stand out from the crowd!

If you're interested in making your own Christmas cards you can find all the bits and pieces you'll need from Lidl, including envelopes, stickers and washi tape from 7th November.

Festive food
There's no denying that a big part of Christmas is the food. Whether your Christmas pudding has been soaking up its flavours for weeks, or you're more of an on-the-day chef, the extra hungry mouths that pop up at this time of year mean that preparation is key to a festive feast!

If you're stuck for ideas, Lidl has some fantastic Christmas recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

And if cooking a Christmas spread from scratch fills you with dread, never fear! You can pick up a magical array of pre-prepared goodies in store now, from Beef Fillet Wellingtons to Nut Roasts, and from Melting Puddings to Boozy Roulades, there's something for everyone this Christmas!

Delightful Decorations
We all have that dusty box of decorations that we bring out year after year. This Christmas, why not try something a bit different and make your own! Get the kids and grandkids involved, and you'll have some special keepsakes to bring out for many Christmases to come.

Lidl can help out with a range of crafty items, including a Paint Your Own Wooden Decoration Kit, Craft Kit and Effect Spray Paints to really make those rooms sparkle!

Season's Greetings 🎉
We hope this has given you some ideas for making this a Christmas to remember. Preparation makes all the difference to your festive stress levels, so get started now and you'll have plenty of time to relax in the run up to the big day!


  • Reach4mi wrote

    I dont know that I prep this early what i do know is i need to buy the lidl 3 bird roast as it sells out every year.

  • Jade wrote

    Well I bought some mince pies and two vegetarian Nut Roasts last week. All are in the freezer for when I need them. When the Deluxe Belgian Chocolate sponge with a Cherry Centre is in stock I will be heading on down to Lidl as soon as, to buy one. I was lucky enough to taste test this and leave a review in the 'Product Reviews' Chat.

  • Viking123 wrote

    I picked up a Turkey this morning but I have some serious freezer sorting before the weekend because I don't think I can fit in all the treats that I have on my list. I will definitely be keeping a look-out for the Chocolate and Cherry Sponge.

  • happygirl wrote

    Well we got our Lidl Turkey crown about 4 weeks ago ( i was scared they might all run out ) ha ha and in all honesty i have spent tons there buying all the goodies as lets face it, LIDLS BEATS EVERY ONE ELSE FOR VALUE AND TASTE FOR MONEY.

  • CathG wrote

    How exciting so much to look forward to and to keep an eye out for over the next few weeks. I agree @lucylue Lidl does beat everyone hands down on taste and value for money. Preparation is the key and mince pies can not get enough of them!!!

  • Tarantula wrote

    Only a small gathering this Christmas, there are only three of us now plus a Patty dog and a Tilly puss. So, there are no hectic doings in this household. The Christmas pud, bought today is resting in the 'Hamster' cupboard. (similar to the bottom drawer, where you hide things away) The stollen will be baked tomorrow and when done and cooled, deposited in the freezer. @Foodylady's fruit cake will be turned into a fast Christmas cake and trimmed and dressed accordingly. (finally managed to get the right mixed fruit in Lidl). A duck is slumbering in the freezer having got some company today from some 'Hassleback potatoes, glazed carrots, red spiced cabbage and a bag of sprouts with chestnuts. ( Have you noticed, it is going to be a "Lazy Lidl Christmas") Thank you, Lidl and I am still looking for something extra special every week up to Christmas on my weekly shopping trips. Like some extra brandy to get the cake drunk and a special bottle of 'Hortus' Botanical Gin for little me.

  • Sx wrote

    Lazy Lidl Christmases are great! Perhaps there should be comparisons between the ranges and homemade in all aspects, ie, time, cost, taste etc. It would be a thing to consider when the results were in. One day and so much cooking instead of relaxing. Not to mention the washing up...

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    We bought a Turkey in Lidl about 3 weeks ago, not a big one this year just enough for the two of us, a cut out for 'Dad and obviously our 3 dogs always have Christmas dinner.
    I started picking up things for Christmas in January, its the perfect time to get things like Christmas cards, Christmas decorations and other items on special offer ready for this Christmas.

    I have been knitting all year, so I have lots of baby things like, cardigans, hats, mittens, matinee coats etc. We will take them to the baby unit at our local hospital, I tend to make a lot of smaller items as they come in useful for premature babies.
    I have also got a bag full of hats, scarves, gloves, mittens and a few jumpers that I've knitted to pass to the Salvation Army. They take them out when they do the soup kitchens and they give them to people needing some extra warmth etc.
    If you are sorting through your wardrobe and you have any woollies, warm clothing, footwear, coats etc think about passing them to a local charity for the homeless or needy. You can always phone your local Salvation Army and if they have someone in your area they are happy to collect items for the soup runs.

    Blankets also come in handy for the homeless and needy as well as for your local animal shelter. Unfortunately there are far too many pets bought for Christmas that get abandoned so the animal shelters get inundated and need bedding and blankets, so please think twice before throwing things out.

    I find making presents are really a good idea, it shows someone thinks you are important enough to make something special for you and the cost doesn't come into it for the recipient because its the thought that counts. The only real cost is the time you take to make something.
    If you have candles consider making gifts with them. You could put them in an empty, cleaned out wine bottle. Decorate the bottle and you would be surprised what a great present they make. You could even use some pine cones and make a ring to stand the bottle in for a centre piece on the table.

    Collect some leaves while they are falling, let them dry out on a flat surface and spray the leaves with some shiny spray paint. Gold and silver paints look really good for this. Allow the paint to dry, you may find it needs more than one coat. Then stick a small safety pin on the back of the leaf and you have a brooch!
    Another cheap but useful Christmas present.

    I have already knitted scarves this year and ponchos for the grand-daughters and nieces, something different for a change. My husbands work colleagues have been asking for hats for themselves and their children so it looks like I still have more knitting to do before Christmas.

    Other than that I tend to pick up extra items for the larder cupboards from about August each year. Tins, jars, even wines on special offer usually have long 'use by' dates so I find buying the odd extra item when I go shopping each week it saves paying out a lot during the last couple of weeks before the main occasion.

  • Mouse wrote

    I pick up bits and bobs with a good life on them when I see them. I like my store cupboard to have things in to make a meal if needed. I’ve been crocheting blankets and giving them to family and friends and donating then so hopefully we’ll be snuggled in the cold.

  • Tanith wrote

    Apart from fresh produce, everything is already prepared. We know who is coming, what is needed, what has been purchased and what needs to be purchased.

    A spreadsheet is useful; dates, items, needs (red) and already purchsed (green). Cards purchased some years back and when I need more I buy them after Christmas for the next year. Same with decorations (simple these years), wrapping paper.

    BUT is all this really needed for ONE day? The answer is different if you have young children, but generally, for us older people, it is now treated more like a traditional Sunday. Different food, perhaps. Visitors, perhaps. However, if you have dogs, they still need to be walked.

  • FOXES wrote

    I have just bought the Favorina Gingerbread House Kit & will make it up a couple of days beforehand. I always make my own Christmas cake in October so I can feed it with Brandy a few times before I ice it. I shall be looking at the Lidl weekly leaflet & buying as soon as I see things in case they run out.

  • LOUSOUS wrote

    I love the build up to Christmas so any tips are always welcome

  • nabob wrote

    I am now well into buying for Christmas. I have some presents and some food. I , however, am very lucky as my brother does the Christmas Dinner so no major entertaining here. I make my own stollen and mini stollen and have had a Christmas cake made a few weeks now, just keep feeding it brandy! I love the gorgeous cheeses and tapas that Lidl do. I have just had a voucher from one of the papers for £10 off a spend of £40 so I will be taking advantage. Happy Lidl Shopping everyone.

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    I am so like you @Tanith, I make lists and keep a book that has the details of presents over the past couple of years, as well as the things we have this year.
    I also keep my Christmas card list at the back of the book and a list of the dates for parcels to be sent if needed.

    I usually keep a list of food to purchase and the dates when we normally have guests and family.

    This year is different for obvious reasons @Tanith, I don't know what we will be doing.

  • Tanith wrote

    Like you, I do not know what we will be doing this Christmas. However, I am ready for all eventualities. Will be able to have Christmas at home, Christmas away, taking all the food with us, or being away and returning to the food.

  • Jade wrote

    Same here @Tanith @tommiesgirl I make a list of things to do and keep a list of who to send Christmas cards to. I have only immediate family to buy for now so just a small amount. Just waiting to here from my son as to whether or not they will be here for Christmas... if not then it is the two of us.

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    Even if it is just you two @Jade, you r house will still glow with love always being sent from your family and us x x

  • Jade wrote

    Thank you @tommiesgirl and the same goes from us to you both xx

  • Reach4mi wrote

    I love Christmas but my excitement this year is a bit meeeh. what is going on?

  • Reach4mi wrote

    I think Brexit is affecting Christmas

  • Seakay wrote

    I do lists for cards etc and try to look out throughout the year to spread the cost and seasonal stress - sadly moving plus having to do PIP has meant that I haven't had the energy for this season so I'm trying not to panic at the moment!

  • Tanith wrote

    WHY? A traditional Christmas; goose, trimmings, Scottish smoked salmon, ham, mince pies, puddings, port, sherry, champagne and claret etc were all being eaten and drunk hundreds of years ago. Why would Brexit affect anything? Just make sure that you are prepared. Switch off the TV and radio. Close the hatches and enjoy being on your own or with family and friends. Surface again after the new year. What could be better.

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    Well said @Tanith and as usual you are so right. x

    There is so much fuss being made about Brexit and far too much panic being caused. We always managed before joining so we will all survive after.
    We have plenty to offer the world and vice versa so just do your bit by voting before Christmas and then make the most of your family time.

  • Ezeeboo wrote

    I have to confess...i have Christmas pudding addiction. I literally try all the shops i go to pick a favourite for the year and scoff at least 1 at week.🤤

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    @Ezeeboo you will have to try making your own puddings. @Tanith posted some good recipes last year and they are better the more mature they get.
    @Tanith makes his 1-2 years in advance.

    Christmas isn't Christmas without Christmas pud! I'm not a great eater of it but I have to have some, it makes the days food complete.

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    @ezeeboo...have you any clues on which Christmas puds are the best far ofcourse! 😋

  • Tanith wrote

    Good Housekeeping suggest that Lidl 24 month mature £11.99 for 907g (and Iceland, 12 month matured £4 for 400g) are both top with 79/100. Next is 73/100

  • nabob wrote

    Pleased to report that I managed to buy the turkey crown, mincemeat strudel and the raspberry and chocolate roulade. Looking forward to tasting my goodies.

  • Ezeeboo wrote

    Tanith i can second the lidl with double cream...🤤 but not the iceland. Sainsburys taste the difference is lush too. I'll have to ty and find the recipe.

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    If you are buying decorations there is a great selection in Lidl this week. The decorations are all sizes so if you want to go large you can but if you just need a couple of small items there are plenty choices.

    We don't need decorations but when I saw them I couldn't resist.
    We bought some this weekend, there is such a great selection I could have spent a fortune but Hubby intervened and reminded me that we were actually only in the shop to buy potatoes!!

    There are also some things that children could use to make their own decorations, I think it helps them enjoy the build up to Christmas. Really worth a look Lidlers.