Lidl's Award-Winning Year

by Rich_Lidl


Last week, you may have seen that Lidl was recognised as; Fresh Flower Supermarket of the Year, Fresh Produce Retailer of the Year and Most Sustainable Retailer of the Year at The Retail Industry Awards. To continue to be recognised for the quality of our produce and our efforts in sustainability is something we are incredibly proud of.

It's been a year of continued success for Lidl with 113 awards, we think we need to get a bigger trophy cabinet! This got us thinking, out of our award-winning products, what is the most loved among our Lidl community? Could it be our Double Gold winning French Ignis Grain Vodka or our Gold Winning Scotch Malt Whiskey range? Or is our Gold Winning Valley Spire Red Leicester Cheese your ultimate favourite?

You can refresh your memory of our award-winning products here:

Tell us in the comments what our award-winning products would be first into your shopping trolley? Is there anything you love from Lidl that you think should be recognised - let us know!


  • CathG wrote

    What fantastic news. Well earned recognition for all Lidl's hard work and continued commitment to providing good quality products at affordable prices across their whole range. Well done from one very satisfied customer.

  • Spudling80 wrote

    Wow amazing keep up the great work Lidl

  • harryflatters wrote

    Huge congratulations to all the people at Lidl who worked so hard to achieve these well deserved awards and to bring to us customers such excellent quality products every day at Lidl prices. Many thanks from yet another very satisfied customer.

  • Jade wrote

    I totally concur with @harryflatters. Fantastic news, congratulations to all involved. Another satisfied customer.

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    Sending a massive congratulations on your success Lidl, & long may it continue🤗.... keep doing what you’re doing, keeping all your loyal customers happy with brilliant quality at brilliant prices!.....
    Deluxe Vintage West Country cheddars are a massive hit in my household😋.... along with the gorgeous Deluxe Mince pies!.... although, there are lots & lots more I could mention.... It is always a pleasure to shop at Lidl.... well done! 🥇

  • Tarantula wrote

    My congratulations too but why are we customers always asked first of all which alcoholic beverages we like and prefer? What about the food? Yes, the excellent cheeses and the now special Deluxe Sausage Rolls or the new different fat reduced Coleslaws and the excellent fresh bakery items, the fruit and veg. I could go and on but alcohol of any kind is right at the bottom of my list, even though I like a good Gin. (the Hortus Range minus the liqueurs)

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    Obviously we know Lidl are the best, we don't need any awards to tell us, but it is good that its reinforced by others.

    There are so many good things that are recognised and a lot of them are on our shopping list regularly. Things like the Newgate tomato soup, the Maribel Blackcurrant Conserve, the Garlic and Herb Chicken in a bag, the reduced fat burgers, the fillet steaks, just goes on and on.

    Congratulations Lidl, well deserved

  • Tanith wrote

    I would almost reverse that @harryflatters. Well done to all the customers that generated the income that allowed Lidl to provide such good value (not necessarily cheap) items.

  • Hungryone wrote

    Well done chaps. 🥳

  • NaomiCW wrote

    We purchase the Lidl pull up pants for my daughter which have a good housekeeping award. Which I am not surprised at as they're great at what they do plus an amazing price.

  • Jade wrote

    It goes without saying that Lidl Bakery are the best ever!

  • Seakay wrote

    Well done Lidl! Obviously, as customers we see the benefits of this hard work and product quality, but I hope that the staff get some practical recognition when these successes occur because they are the ones working the long hours, doing the heavy lifting and still managing to be pleasant and helpful when enquiries are made

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    Here! Here! @seakay...😊.... yes, the staff do work their socks off....& they are polite & courteous even when they are really busy.... a big well done to all the Lidl staff too! 👍

  • Tawr wrote

    Good value is not necessarily cheap.

    We spend our money carefully.

    Lidl products and produce is good value and reliable.

  • Ezeeboo wrote

    Well done lidl. Amazing quality and price . You deserve it.

  • Flossy wrote

    Well done everyone.
  • nabob wrote

    Great achievement, but it is because of amazing prices and excellent quality products and dedicated staff. I love Lidl!

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    Well said @nabob !

  • Tawr wrote

    LIDL Quality and choice. Yes, we have a great hardworking, friendly team.

  • LOUSOUS wrote


  • Tawr wrote

    I agree, we spend our money very carefully. Congratulations Lidl in a very competitive market.

    Consistently excellent products, staff and prices.

  • Richardsimp93 wrote

    Fantastic news!
    I tend to find weekdays are better to shop Sunday always seems to be short dated

  • Tawr wrote

    I wonder what the effect of Sunday opening has had on family life?

    We still always have a late afternoon Sunday roast and I never go shopping on Sunday.

    A Lidl joint of meat, roasties and veg with a tasty gravy.

  • Tanith wrote

    I suppose it depends on families. The younger ones probably just take Sunday to be another day. Older ones take Sunday as a special day. It has been 25 years since it started.

    Maybe Lidl only came to the UK due to Sunday Trading relaxation.

  • Tawr wrote

    25 years! Really? It probably is!

    I like Sunday to be a different day. To do things I want to do, not have to do. Sharing time with people I want to be with.

  • phunt110 wrote


  • kc1 wrote

    Well done, cant beat the great prices for flowers. Can now afford to buy good quality fresh flowers with my shop xx