Autumn Ready

by Ray_Lidl


At Lidl, we’re Big on everything the season can throw at us. We'll be treated to the natural delights and colours of autumn soon, and with that comes the cooler weather, longer evenings and thus a hint of uncertainty during the seasonal change. But don't you worry, we've got a few tips that will help out so you can be well prepared to embrace the conkers!

Go big on changing with the season

It's not quite cold enough for the parka jackets and woolly gloves, but it's probably a good idea to bring your long sleeved clothing back into the rotation. We're talking long sleeved T's or just a light cardigan. On cooler nights also consider a light scarf. They can do wonders for blocking out the soft breeze.

If there are items of clothing you definitely won't be wearing, it's a great idea to store them away till next year. You can also store away your light blankets, as the 4 tog summer blankets are going to be less and less effective as the nights get colder. If you're looking to store things away and tog up your blankets, make sure to pop into Lidl as you'll be able to find under-bed storage (with wheels!) and Silent Night 10.5 tog blankets in store right now.

Go big on early risers, getting the jackets out and pork & chorizo casserole

There's nothing quite like a crispy, golden, melt-in-the-mouth croissant to start the morning. Or if you want to spoil yourself, consider a deliciously gooey pain au chocolate or a sticky and sweet cinnamon roll. All of these are just perfect with a morning tea to start a chilly day. And on those joyfully unexpected sunny days, a breakfast of greek yoghurt paired with honey and fresh blueberries goes down a treat!

How about a lovely jacket potato with beans to get through that lunchtime slump on a windy day? Or if you're braving the weather and venturing out, a delicious hot soup can make all the difference to a chilly walk.

As the nights draw in, what better way to enjoy those long autumn evenings than with a hearty meal! Check out our recipe of the month from @JustJoy, a tasty and filling pork and chorizo casserole to keep your tummy both full and warm! 

Of course the unpredictable weather of autumn can be a culinary blessing. When else do you get the chance to alternate between fresh salads or light stir fries on warmer days, while snuggling up with a delicious curry or some wholesome roast chicken and root vegetables when the temperature drops?

Lidl has all these tasty essentials and more to ensure you can create delicious and healthy meals whatever the weather!

Go big on plan B for your weekends
So there have been murmurings that we'll likely be enjoying an Indian summer this year in the UK. That's great news of course, but if there's one thing we all know from living in the UK, it's that the weather here is predictably unpredictable.

Consider some of the below essentials for any weather surprises:

1) A raincoat and wellies - Don't let the rain spoil your day or your nice shoes! Even if it gets wet and muddy, you won't feel like you're at the mercy of nature. Feeling protected from the elements will give you peace of mind to go on enjoying your family outing.

2) Insulated bottles are an absolute must - They'll work for hot days and cold days all the same, as whatever you put in there will retain its temperature for many hours! Ice cold water for the warmer days, and a nice hot tea for the cold walks.

3) LED torch - As the days get shorter, you might find the darkness has crept up on you rather suddenly! Avoid any silly little accidents and save your phone battery for essential things by investing in a torch so you can find your way home without any surprises.

We hope these quick tips help you to prepare for the months ahead. Make sure to keep an eye out for Lidl's upcoming offers if you're interested in picking up any of the above items.

Enjoy the autumn!


  • Jade wrote

    Some good tips there... I don't like the thought of having to wrap up warm when going outside. Feel more comfortable in light clothing.
    At the moment we still only have a sheet and a Throw on the bed..... it will be a little while before we use the duvet yet.

  • anabl wrote

    Good tips Lidl! For me Lidl's croissant is the best :D

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    I love autumn 🍂 .... it’s time to think about thermals, long-sleeved tops, cosy socks, cardigans, fleeces, long warm trousers, woolly hats, wellies & boots....& quilts..... I can’t believe @jade you have only got a sheet & a throw on your bed!... we’ve got 2 quilts already! 😳... we live close to the coast, so it gets quite chilly of a night.....
    I like to get prepared indoors with candles, some scented... they look so warming & pretty🕯... hearty meals are a must, shepherds & cottage pies, homemade stews & soups & hotpots.....
    I agree with. @anabl....I love croissants🥐 .... I never like to complain because I love Lidl.....but, . please Lidl bring out some egg-free/vegetarian & vegan croissants! 🙏..... & more in the instore bakery & bakery ranges in general for vegans 👍

  • nabob wrote

    Gosh, it seems like a shock that it is now cooler, along with the shorter days. I play golf all year and I must say it is easier to swing your arms with just a polo shirt on rather than four layers of clothes that I wear in the depths of winter. I will be making some lovely pies and casseroles and might make pudding if my husband begs enough! Best advice I can give you all is to buy a slow cooker and let it do the work for you.

  • Jade wrote

    @ShayM4 I very rarely go above a 4.5 tog all through the winter and if it is extremely cold then I just put a Throw on top.

    Oh and I couldn't do without a yummy, yum yum or jam doughnut!!!

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    I know you love your yum yums @jade!.... much more than your quilt! 😉

  • CathG wrote

    what a brilliant blog some really good tips.My preparation so far has been book chimney sweep for log burner, order coal, chop up wood for kindling and get some out side jobs done in prep for winter. Hopefully we will still get some good weather,but like you say we never know and there is nothing like being prepared. I love the Autumn with all the changes. Watching the leaves change colour and at the end of the month I can walk the dogs along the length of the beach as the restrictions in place are lifted.

  • Jade wrote

    The thing is @ShayM4 I feel hot most of the time and even wear Tee shirts during the winter plus a cardigan.... I can't wear anything with a high neck either. Hubby says I'm hot stuff..... Lol

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    😂 lol!... @jade... you’re a ‘Smokin Hot’ babe🔥.... The Donna Summer song ‘Hot Stuff’ springs to mind... love that tune! 😊

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    I like the tips and suggestions, the temperature dropped down to 5 degrees tonight....brrrr!!! So I suppose it is getting time to make sure everything is ready indoors.

    I would suggest keeping out those summer clothes that are probably not looking so good now. You should wear layers for the winter so you could start with the summer clothes, then add the autumn things and finally add the thickest clothes on top of that.

    If you knit or crochet, think about making a hat, some socks and gloves. The body gives off the most temperature from the head, so put on a hat and it will help keep you warm.
    If you don't knot or crochet look to see if you have last years hats etc, or pick yourself up one. It doesn't have to cost a fortune just one that fits!!
    If all else fails wear a scarf around your hat and ears. When the weather is really cold consider leaving your head covered when you are indoors.

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    The forecast is for the weather to start to turn for the autumn and winter this week. Apparently we are supposed to be getting the tail end of the storm from the Bahamas as well as another storm coming from the opposite direction.

    It may be a good idea to clean down your summer garden furniture sooner rather than later. Make sure it is completely dry before storing it for the winter.
    If you leave your garden furniture outdoors in the winter months then make sure it is clean and dry. Then cover with a decent quality cover and ensure that the cover is secure, to enable the furniture to survive the elements.

    It is worth ensuring you have your rake and a broom to hand, as well as some bags or a bin, to clear up those leaves and rubbish that get blown in your garden etc. Unfortunately all those beautiful trees will lose their leaves now so it is good to be prepared to clear up so your drains don't get blocked.

    If you have any beautiful leaves that are in tact, lay them out to dry and think of spraying them and making brooches out of them for school fetes etc. If they look like they might crack, smooth some grease ( like Vaseline) on them.

  • happygirl wrote


  • Mouse wrote

    I’ve been cold over the last couple days . I’ve been crocheting blankets which I can give time to now we are retired. My family and friends love them. I’m about to finish knitting another jumper forhubby, l need the warm weather ☀️☀️☀️

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    I think the really good thing about Autumn is the different colours out in the gardens and fields.
    Mouse that's a great idea, I use my odd bits of wool to make blankets for the dogs home and this year my niece is doing horse riding so she's asked me to make blankets for the horses too.

  • kc1 wrote

    Sorry... I'm still in denial -waiting for summer... teeshirts and skirts ready and waiting !!
    I will have a chocolate croissant or two whilst waiting for the sun.
    Will be Autumn ready by 1st October.

  • Seakay wrote

    I love knitting @tommiesgirl and plan on doing socks for some Christmas presents, but " the popular belief behind it -- that most of the body's heat escapes through the head -- is misguided. The amount of heat released by any part of the body depends largely on its surface area, and on a cold day you would lose more heat through an exposed leg or arm than a bare head."

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    @cathg.... reading what you said about kindling & wood reminds me about when we lived in Bristol... a 3 storey Victorian terraced house with an open fire🔥 we lived there for 27 years.... I do miss an open fire!... I don’t miss the clearing up & the mess though & the ruined carpets🤷‍♀️....
    There is nothing like an open fire to add character to a room😊

  • Tarantula wrote

    My heating has already sprung into action last night. If the temperature drops below 22 degrees celsius it comes on automatically. It was nice to wake up without having a cold nose. We have these quilts that can be put together to get a whopping '15 tog', far too much, my maximum is 4.5 tog and during our so-called summer, it was a cotton sheet plus a throw.
    @tommiesgirl is right about knitting or crochet and knitting socks is sort of soothing on the mind too and it is something one can do whilst listening to the radio or watching the box but with all the political shenanigans going on at present, the CD/Tape and Hifi are being dusted off at present.

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    @tarantula... we have 2 15tog quilts on our bed now! 🔥... roasty toasty!....we like our windows wide open in our bedroom at night... & after all we are living close to the coast, so it gets really chilly! 🤷‍♀️

  • middy80 wrote

    This is a really interesting post. I popped into store yesterday and bought my daughter an insulated bottle. At an absolute bargain £3.99. It was the last one or I would of bought more. (My daughter is over the moon and I can’t wait to take it to school. with homemade Lentil 🍜

  • Tanith wrote

    I concur. There is a difference between being ready for autumn and getting settled into autumn. I am still on salads for dinner, sheet on the bed, all the windows open. I will move through salad for lunch and a light cooked meal for dinner before being ready for stews, casseroles and cooked dinners. Cooked lunches come even later.

    I might need a gilet later in the year and gloves if there is snow about. I only wear a parker when skiing. Still wearing shorts, t-shirt and sandals when at home. Even when it is raining it is still warm.

    I already eat fresh fruit and perhaps a croissant or roll for breakfast. As the weather gets colder I will be having a cooked breakfasts; perhaps kippers, maybe kidneys or bacon/sausage/poached eggs. Mushrooms on toast, depending on the foraging, are a must.

  • Tanith wrote

    There was a time when autumn started 23rd (or thereabouts) September; Astronomical autumn. Nowadays it tends to be 1st September; Meteorological autumn.

    Agree about the slow cooker. Hint; if cooking overnight, add a few sausages or kidneys to the top of what is in the cooker - they will be ready for breakfast. Bacon cooks to quickly so is not really suited for a slow cooker.

  • Jade wrote

    I was warm and toasty in bed last night with a sheet and warm throw on the bed... @ShayM4 @Tarantula :)

  • happygirl wrote


  • Tanith wrote

    We used to live in a small village. A coal fire was always useful as the electricity supply was questionable during the winter, so it meant we could always have a hot meal, even if there was no supply. The fanlight windows had to be open as condensation became a problem, but that was not an issue.

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    I have to say, @jade, I had to just have 1 quilt on our bed last night, it seemed quite humid here😓.... I think I might have to resort temporarily, I reckon, back to the summer bedding tonight🤔....
    Yes, @lucylue & @tanith, when we did have an open fire, we rarely used any other heating appliance... we lived in quite a large house & once the fire got really going it would heat up the whole house.... we live in a bungalow now with central heating, but I would like to have mayby a wood burner or have the fireplace opened up in the future... 🔥

  • Ray_Lidl wrote

    Different story for me @ShayM4_. These past few nights I've been sooooo cold with a 4.5tog that I haven't been able to nod off again after the initial freeze wakes me up at 6pm. I have to consider turning on the heating very soon!

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    Well, @ray_lidl.. a 4.5 tog would be no good for me! 🤭.... I would definitely be too cold.... even in the height of Summer our quilt was a 10.5 tog.... i would rather add more quilts on the bed, rather than put the heating on, at the moment 🤔

  • Jade wrote

    What are you like @ShayM4 @Ray_Lidl ?..... during the summer I didn't even have a sheet on the bed! @Ray_Lidl it would be better to put a higher tog quilt on the bed than have the heating on. Not really healthy to have the heating on in the bedroom during the night. My heating is set to come on 6.30 am till 7.30 am just to warm up the bathroom first thing. I'm usually up by 6.40.

  • Ezeeboo wrote

    Autumn is my worse season. Makes my asthma playup. Just recovering from a long episode.