Green Bags

by Ray_Lidl

As part of our commitment to reducing plastic packaging we have a very special announcement to make.

For a limited time, you can find our reusable fruit & veg bags, which we've called 'Green Bags', in store from 8th August, at 69p for a pack of 2. Re-use these bags to store and carry your loose fruit and veg whenever you're shopping, whether that's with Lidl or your local market. They're durable, lightweight, and machine washable!

This initiative builds on our commitment to tackling plastic waste, and our other goals in this area include:

  1. Reduction in own brand plastic packaging by 20% by 2022
  2. Making sure 100% of our own-brand packaging is widely recyclable, reusable, refillable or renewable by 2025.

Since opening our first store in 1994, we've charged for plastic carrier bags and our move to remove all single-use carrier bags from sale in 2017 resulted in 26 million fewer plastic bags being sold annually.

We hope you're as excited as we are to see these goals come to fruition, and we'd love to hear from YOU! Are the Green Bags something you would consider using? What changes have you made to reduce single use plastic? Are there other environmentally friendly initiatives you would like to see us introduce? Let us know!


  • NaomiCW wrote

    I would consider the green bags definitely. I definitely want to move over to more loose fruit and veg as then I can purchase exactly what is needed.
    Are these green bags plastic though? Or a renewable material?

  • Jade wrote

    I may consider the green bags as they are washable. At the moment I am not using plastic bags anyway for the larger veg and fruit. These go straight into the trolley. Are the bags made of polyester material?

  • Foodielady wrote

    I shall definitely look out for these, hopefully they will be available in all your stores.

  • esmeralda123 wrote

    I am considering getting a few dozen of these green grocery bags. Been looking fir sons for ages so I'm glad they have been available in lidl.

  • Ray_Lidl wrote

    @NaomiCW and @Jade: The bags are made from durable polyester plastic, and are designed to be reused again and again. Hope that helps!

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    Yes, I would definitely give these a go👍....I buy a lot of loose fruit & vegetables & as they are machine washable they sound you said they are durable @ray_lidl, it would be interesting to see if they withstood wash after wash & how long these bags would last in general🤔

  • fayelou20 wrote

    Yes - will have a look out for them today!

  • Jade wrote

    That is good, thank you @Ray_Lidl Hopefully there will be some left by the time I get there....

  • fayelou20 wrote

    All gone...

  • Jade wrote

    Oh dear, not good then @fayelou20 .... were they actually in store and sold out or not even delivered to store?

  • Seakay wrote

    great idea - I got some reusable bags from another source years ago but because they fastened with a zip they added weight and so I only used them for heavier cheaper items, like root veg. Also, because they are mesh they were tricky to attach the price label to, These look as though they will be much more practical to use

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    Great idea, I usually just take one of my reusable carrier bags and put our fruit in that but this is a good idea and I hope it spreads to other items soon
    Well done Lidl

  • Tarantula wrote

    I have bought 2 of those packs of 'Green Bags' this morning on my shopping trip. They are made of the same material as the clothing wash bags you use in the washing machine, just a little thinner, which is obvious if they are to be used for fruit and veg. I shall try them for my carrots, peppers and apples. I hate it when the carrots start sweating in the plastic bags. At the princely price of 69p for a pack, it is great.
    Just have a look at 'Lakeland's' price for the same item.

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    I saw them and thought exactly the same @Tarantula, ideal for delicates!

  • LOUSOUS wrote

    I used to like brown paper bags,not sure about these,are you supposed to mix them,how can things be weighed

  • Tanith wrote

    Nice idea. In order for these bags to be 'Green', they need to be made of a compostable material, able to be used multiple times and not take more energy to produce than exisiting bags. So just how green are these bags? Are they compostable? How much energy does producing one bag take? How many times can they be used before they become, well, unusable? Then there are other issues. One or multiple types of items per bag (picture shows multiple)? How much do they weigh? Is the veg weighed in the bag?

  • Tanith wrote

    Why not offer customers a 10p discount if they use their own bags? Even greener! Or paper bags?

  • Bacchus wrote

    None in store when I went this morning in Worthing. Unless it's for tiny objects such as nuts or cherries (neither of which I've bought) I don't bother putting produce into bags, just group it together when placing on the conveyor belt.

  • Billybob wrote

    Reusable bags, great idea 👍 Shopped in Chepstow on the 8th Aug. didn’t see them. Where on sale?
    How about cardboard boxes for mushrooms instead of plastic?

  • PeckhamLidler wrote

    If the machine washable bags are of a 'plastic material' like our nylon, rayon, polyurethane, etc. clothes the bags will give off micro plastic fibres just as our 'plastic clothes' do in the wash and when wearing or using. Reusable bags are NOT the answer for the environment. Sooner or later reusable bags also have to be discarded - to where? I will NOT be buying these 'reusable bags'. I will find a spare cardboard box instore and carry on using that for my shopping. Effective natural material STILL needs to be developed for packaging that is truly environment friendly.

  • Tawr wrote

    I would certainly use reusable bags.

    I keep my mushrooms on a plain ungreased paper bag in the fridge, but find it increasingly difficult to find them, other than in the city fruit market.

  • fenny123 wrote

    I'll simply bring my own bags. I'm an old woman so I save the bags from inside cereal packets and I reuse bread bags and the like so I won't need to *buy* 'special' bags :)

    I'd be more impressed if you started cutting palm oil out of your products, but I guess you couldn't make money out of that could you? Sadly, because of palm oil, I am shopping less and less at LIDL. I tend to go once a month and bulk buy only the few things that I can't get anywhere else. Luckily Iceland is just across the road and none of their products have palm oil in which means I can still have sausage rolls, pizza and other baked goods.

  • Kat2 wrote

    They are definitely an improvement on plastic (providing that the material is not a form of plastic!) but I already use my own eco-friendly bags, or just put my fruit and veg into the trolley. More fruit and veg without plastic would be great, especially for those of us catering for 1 person. A major improvement would be to have a "bulk" section where we could purchase dry goods etc in whatever amount we need to buy, bringing our own containers to put the purchases into!! Go on Lidl, lead the way!!!

  • viking wrote

    It would be a step forward if LIdl sold all their vegetables loose so that we could bring our own bags of whatever type. I have plenty of bags but these look OK if pricey compared to a free paper bag.

  • AndreaP wrote

    That's amazing news. But why only for a limited time?

  • Bacchus wrote

    Tawr: You can get small paper sacks for mushrooms, from Waitrose. I use them to dry and store herbs in. The bags are on the mushroom section, ready to use. Just ask a partner if you can have a few and they always say yes.

  • Bacchus wrote

    Fenny123: I'm with you there. I check everything nowadays for palm oil, and there is no such thing as 'sustainable' palm oil. Like you I'm finding it increasingly hard to buy products in Lidl as a result.

    BTW, check the Iceland products you are buying as I saw the CEO announcing that Iceland couldn't make some things without palm oil but they are working on new recipes.

  • fayelou20 wrote

    @jade there was a holder and label for them but all gone. There can't have been many though as the place for them was small!

  • Tarantula wrote

    I have started to bake all my cakes and biscuits because most things seem to have palm oil/fat and yes Bacchus, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 'SUSTAINABLE' PALM OIL. Some of these clever boffins think that we little people are easily fooled. I even have stopped feeding my dog on commercially produced food and I have got a great cookery book just aimed at dogs with the nutritional guidelines and does and don'ts, titled 'Dinner for Dogs'. Just fetched a batch of bacon biscuit treats from the oven. For a ten-year-old, she looks healthy and lively and has lost some weight. The Vet gave me a telling off because of her weight, she was 30.5 kg and her ideal weight should not be more than 25kg. Nearly there and she loves everything I cook for her.

  • Jade wrote

    Ah Ok, seems a bit daft to me if they are there only there for a short time and not that many in stock. Perhaps this was just a trial run to see how many would be sold..... @Jules_Lidl ? @fayelou20