25 Years Young

by Rich_Lidl

25 years, we don't look a day over 21 ;)

On this special occasion, we are Big on celebrating with you. We’re having a party and you’re in for some treats. See we'd be off our trolleys if we thought we could do this without you.

To kick off our celebrations, Lidl is offering a fantastic 25% off wine when you buy 6 or more bottles. Plenty to host your own party. This offer is available from 4th - 10th July (max 24 bottles per customer), so move fast!

There will be more special 25 year birthday promotions in the coming months which you My Lidlers will be first to know about - and that's a promise! So be sure to keep coming back to this lovely community to stay abreast of our celebratory promotions.

We couldn't have got to 25 years without the loyalty of you guys and we thank you for that. Over the years, what have been your favourite memories from shopping at Lidl? What have been your most memorable purchases? Your most loved Middle of Lidl item? Your favourite store to visit?

Happy birthday to us, happy bargains for you!


  • Reach4mi wrote

    Lidl are we birthday mates? What date is your birthday? I am the 19th This is exciting, Happy Birthday

  • harryflatters wrote

    Our favourite Lidl store is in Tienen, Belgium! It means we are with our eldest Son and our two grandsons who live there. As to 'middle of Lidl', I bought so many 'gadgets' and appliances that swmbo banned me from going there!! She weakened last Thursday, though, because she had a yen for a toasted sandwich!! £7.99?! Wow, good for you Lidl. I think my favourite thing is our 'contact' grill we bought a couple of years ago - and our mini oven is a great help when everyone is here at Christmas! Happy Birthday Lidl - just keep doing what you do best - great quality at any price, never mind Lidl price!!

  • Jade wrote

    Happy birthday Lidl. I will report back later as going out shortly..... Don't light those candles till I return! :)

  • Sx wrote

    Cause for celebration indeed! A true vintage, improving every year.
    Love Lidl.
    I did read about this yesterday in the booklet picked up after shopping in Lidl. By the way, the middle aisle should come with warnings an regular announcements to return to food shopping! I did succumb to buying things I never knew I wanted or needed! Anyway, I thought there would be more in the booklet and was a little disappointed so great to hear this is an ongoing celebration. Celebration 🥳 🍾🎉

  • Reach4mi wrote

    I keep looking at the cake. We NEED this in store please

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    Many congratulations Lidl! ...I will be purchasing my 6 bottles of wine in celebration 🍾 favourite store to visit at the moment is, Lidl in Kingswood, Bristol. Even though I now live in Somerset, I still visit family & friends in Bristol. This is a relatively new store, it is huge! , as with all Lidl’s, lots to choose from😊...I would say, from the middle aisle, I have bought some lovely vest tops, trainer socks & peddle bins etc. I know it’s not anything particularly memorable, but, I bought a really comfy pair of ladies slip on sliders, I wear them everywhere. I did post a pic on here awhile’s a gigantic WELL DONE, LIDL...from me, keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s fantastic!🤗

  • harryflatters wrote

    Re. my earlier post, when I say ' there', I mean Belgium not the Lidl store in Tienen!!

  • Mike_Lidl wrote

    I'm going to have cake to celebrate!

  • CathG wrote

    Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you Lidl. Congrads on reaching 25yrs heres to many more successful years of providing affordable shopping and great items in the middle isle.

  • Jade wrote

    It may only be a small store but I'm quite happy with my one in Havant. Perhaps it's due to the fact, My husband officially opened the store...... ( think I may have mentioned this before! :)

    The middle aisle is such a magnet to me. I love the clothing, great quality and value. I think my favourites have to be the Heidi Klum maxi summer dresses I have just purchased.

    Who can not love Lidl's bakery with all those delicious cakes and pastries. I thank the day that Lidl opened its store near me. I know I will have saved £ s over the years. Keep doing what you are doing Lidl, and CHEERS to the next 25 years.

  • Tarantula wrote

    Very happy birthday to my favourite Lidl!! I have been one of the true shopping friends for the last 20 years when the Lidl Kitts Green store opened, which was known previously as the Mackadown Pub and was then re-invented as a Mr Q and in between had another refurb with a different name which escaped me. The refurb from Mackadown to something I forgot, not being a pub goer and the Mr Q which was a non-starter and it was knocked down. The Lidl GMBH planned, got permission and built the store. The best thing that happened in a very long time and the dear Lord has not far to come if he ever fancied a delicious pastry or even a pretzel or bagel from the new re-built store with the very tempting bakery because of the 'Our Lady...Catholic' church is right next door.

  • Eva_Lidl wrote

    Happy birthday for the 19th, Reach4mi, are you doing anything special to mark the day?

  • Reach4mi wrote

    @eva_lidl thank you. I dont know. I feel old, I may bake a cake.

  • Hungryone wrote

    Well done. Which was your first store in the UK ?

  • Liv_Lidl wrote

    I'm going to have a piece of Mike_Lidl's cake to celebrate!

  • Jade wrote

    Perhaps it is all round to @Mike_Lidl's for cake then @Liv_Lidl......

  • kc1 wrote

    Happy Birthday LIDL.... I will probably go down to my Northwich store for the wine offer-Thanks.
    Favourite middle aisle surprise were black glittery block shoes- random purchase between buying milk and meat for the week !
    Although I like your newsletters, I used to love seeing what surprises were to be found in the middle aisle

  • LOUSOUS wrote

    WOW !!! 25 I remember when Lidl first opened near us,strange as i am only 21 !!!!
    Happy Birthday,ooh yes will be buying Lidl birthday wine to celebrate ..Thank you

  • Seakay wrote

    it wasn't the first Lidl I went to, but a very happy memory is when I was working for NRES in Cardiff and there was a store over the road from our office building. On Fridays we always had a team meeting, so our team leader would get two packets of frozen jam and cream filled doughnuts on her way in, and then when it was time for the meeting they had just defrosted nicely and we all had one with our coffee. Dee-licious!

  • Tanith wrote

    I assume 'guys' actually means 'guys and girls'.

  • Ezeeboo wrote

    Happy Birthday Lidl. Thanks for making living affordable and fun for us.

  • gillg47 wrote

    Happy Birthday Lidl. So glad you are there.

  • Steph_Lidl wrote

    I remember how excited we were when a Lidl opened near our house at University about 20 years ago. Suddenly the student loan went a lot further than it had previously, and we didn't have to subsist purely on pasta/pesto anymore! Good times.

  • Tanith wrote

    Oh, and Happy Birthday.

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    I remember the first Lidl I ever visited, when I lived in Bristol. It was Lidl Church Road, Bristol BS5 OBT...small store compared to my local one now....staff were lovely & helpful, as is most of the Lidl staff I have encountered in other stores.....😊 I was still regularly visiting there up until 2 years ago when I moved to Somerset..👍

  • truhawk479 wrote

    First Lidl I ever saw was the original Gloucester store. My wife and I had not long parted and I had to sort my own shopping but found it very good with excellent prices. That was back in 1996 and I have bought a lot of products since then in many Lidl stores from Penzance to Thurso. Had a few problems over the years but everything considered I have to say I am very pleased.

  • Blessedceo wrote

    Since 2003 I know lidl in Belin Germany. Lidl thanks very much for your efforts. God bless.Amen

  • phunt110 wrote

    happy birthday Lidl. I went and got 6 bottles of wine and got 25% off, thank you x x

  • Tanith wrote

    Remove the previous post please!

  • nabob wrote