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by Rich_Lidl
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Lidlers, you’re going to see some changes around here. Everyone knows that we’re Lidl on price but it’s time for us to show you what we’re Big on…. and that’s quality. From prime cuts to doughnuts and award-winning veg. Fully loaded trollies, cupboards and nachos. Big on the host with the roast and all the trimmings.

In fact, we’re Big on everything, including My Lidl. You guys will play a key role in helping us make this community as great as it can possibly be. Over the coming months, we’ll be finding out what Lidlers are Big on because we care about what matters to our customers.
We’ll be Big on recipes! You are always sharing incredibly special homemade delights and we will be capturing our favourites to be featured on our website, social media and retail newsletter to help our customers get the very best out of their weekly shop, watch this space.
We’ll also be Big on competitions, revamping the community so we can give My Lidlers the rewards they deserve. From the very best of our middle of Lidl products to shopping vouchers and much more.

We will continue to capture all your feedback regarding our products so we’re Big on delivering quality that matters to people so keep your comments coming, they certainly don’t go unnoticed.

Our new advert should give you a flavour of our new Big on promise.

Have a look and let us know what you think. So, come on My Lidlers, what are you Big on? 


  • Roz wrote

    Wow. A lot going on in that advert. Quite a bit to take in but Looks good. I think it would encourage shoppers to give Lidl a try.

  • Michelle_Lidl wrote

    It's very exciting isn't it @Roz! Thanks for the feedback!

  • NaomiCW wrote

    Ahh I love it. It is a lot to take in but then that's 'big'. Looking forward to seeing what happens with all the changes etc!! Exciting. We certainly love Lidl in my family and friends. Has helped all of us in our town save lots of money and find great products.

  • Tanith wrote

    If you are confident of that promise (only make promises that you are going to keep) then how about this. Why don't you promise 'To take feedback, feed it up and then PROMISE to get a response, in a reasonable timeframe, and feed it back to the recipient, or, if there is no response, the reason why there is no response'.

    Price is irrelevant; it is Value for Money that is important.

    If Lidl are big on quality then protect those bakery items. It is not quality to have people handling or sneezing all over them; see comments from @duchess, @harryflatters, @eccles and @jade to name but 4.

    Lidl used to have one of the best Customer Service teams that I had dealt with; but now we get standard responses and no follow up. That is not good. If we call to find out why something is not available, we are told that the item is not available (We know that. It is what we have told CS).

    Lidl products are often better than branded items (Some of us carried out taste tests of Lidl v Branded a few years back), so why sell branded items? The valuable shelf space and reduced line items could be put to better use.

    So my view is 'beware'. Other companies have expanded and started to provide different experiences only to find that their core values are being eroded.

    I would like to see a product list, prices and (most importantly) whether an item is a special (specific weeks, specific times of the year) or everyday. This would need to be searchable, tagged (gluten free, salt free, vegetarian etc) and easily navigated (similar to mysupermarket)

  • Hungryone wrote

    Wow. You are offering everything. I find it hard to buy all my shopping in Lidl. Hope you can take that on board. You do a great job but hopefully you are going to get better.

  • CathG wrote

    Fantastic advert. A lot of info of how Lidl are moving forward. I love shopping at Lidl and it is not very often that I can not get everything on my list. I can not praise the quality of the meat and veg range enough. The prices are brilliant, but the quality of both is always of such a high standard. I have never bought my shopping on line at any supermarket, but looking into the future there will come a time where I will have to. Is on line food shopping something Lidl will offer their customers in the future?

  • Liv_Lidl wrote

    Hi CathG, we're really pleased to read your lovely comments, thank you! We don't offer online shopping at the moment, unfortunately, but we appreciate your feedback.

  • harryflatters wrote

    All wot Tanith says X2!!!!! Make sure you under promise and over deliver! Nearly everyone else these days gets that **** about face! and ends up with egg on it!!!

  • Tarantula wrote

    I have very carefully read all the answers to your advert which was rather a bit in your face and the sound quality rather suspect and out of all the answers, only Tanith gave a really worthy comment and as harryflatters added, 'Make sure you under promise and over deliver' and fewer products on the shelves that contain the horrible additive of PALM OIL.
    I always found Lidl's products of outstanding quality, I should know I have been a Lidl shopper for more than 20 years. Why oh why waste good shelf pace on branded goods? Is it to get more new customers into the shops? Most moan about certain things at Lidls but other supermarkets are not as customer friendly as Lidl. Those people can always go to the likes of Tesco, Morrison, ASDA, Sainsbury or even M&S or Waitrose. In most cases, Lidl can knock some spots off those supermarkets with the 'Deluxe Range'. Don't go down the road of online shopping, you will have to raise prices and all your not so lazy customers have to pay for the service and your otherwise high standards will eventually drop.

  • Sx wrote

    Just watched the advert after reading this and hearing about it from my favourite secret Lidler.
    I knew Lidl was always big on quality and Lidl on price but I wasn’t keen to see the Heinz ketchup on the advert; I once picked some up by accident, it was big on price and lower in quality than the Lidl brand.
    The bakery storage does need sorting as has often been pointed out, if folk on hear think and voice it then others think it and vote with their purses or feet.
    The product reviews on here need updating as they are great for honest feedback and many on here have bought as a result of reading them. I swapped my orange juice on @duchess recommendation too!
    Good to see an original advert that is different from the usual and nice to be asked feedback. One thing though, does it remind me of an upmarket Asda vibe?

  • Tanith wrote

    @harryflatters; A comment I have made in the past is 'Understand the relative positions of your **** and your elbow'.

    I echo the product review updates. If a product has changed then the review is unhelpful and even misleading. It might be that it is a wine for 2018 rather than 2017, it might be pack size has changed to make it less value for money or it could be that the ingredients have been changed either in proportions or actual ingredients that could improve or even reduce the taste sensation.

  • Seakay wrote

    what I've always liked about Lidl is that customers pay for the quality of the product, not it's brand name. When I encourage people to shop there the USP for me is that the brands may be unfamiliar but the ingredients and quality is better, even though the products are often cheaper (eg ham etc doesn't have water injected into it) so I was disappointed to see Heinz ketchup included in the advertisement. Lidl may be described in MSM as a discounter, but I don't think that the brand should give in to this misnomer. The own brands are the point - I don't want to see shelf space given over to well known brands which are available everywhere

  • GeoffG wrote

    I agree with others that the Heinz ketchup didn't need to be there. I would like Lidl UK to follow it's european colleagues and start a drop off point for plastic bottles etc at the point of entry in the shop. A small discount on your shopping is also an added bonus. That would be a BIG step!

  • Tarantula wrote

    In my opinion, the Ketchup was so unmissable and in your face and I bet not many noticed the chap using VO5 hair gel on his fashionable unruly mop of hair. Heinz Ketchup was an insult to the high-quality Batts, previously Kania, brand ketchup. I also found the political correctness on the multi-cultural aspect rather smug.

  • Sx wrote

    I think I noticed the VO5 hair product but it went so fast I wasn’t sure, was it blue packaging? I don’t know if Lidl sell equivalent hair products so didn’t mention in incase I was wrong! Well spotted Mrs T.
    I suppose the branded products are to entice new customers who are fearful to try less known brands but Lidl should have the confidence to overcome this, perhaps with more blind taste testing to raise awareness.
    Agree with Mrs T and others on here there is too much palm oil used in products for which there is no excuse now with all awareness. Not bad marketing to lose it completely like the freezer shop, although it might still be stocked there in branded products.

  • Lloydies wrote

    Most of what others state.
    I will not buy bakery items having reported years ago kids and adults picking/prodding items.
    I have used Lidl for many years and one pet hate is the accessibility in our store front entrance where it's now blocked by **** clearance items strewn everywhere.
    Not a good introduction to customers and also a cause for arguments as others block access to the entrance.
    Our store cannot get the basics right anymore ie clearing mess/rubbish in car park/trolley bays/ counter.
    Cannot distinguish between uncooked and cooked meats where it's mixed together on both shelving and clearance area!!
    Come on Lidl get the basics right before you start on other big adventures.

  • Flossy wrote

    As usual Tanith has said what we are all thinking - well me and Harryflatters at least.

    Core values must be maintained. Some stores are exceptional others not so good. Do Lidl have Regional Managers who check on local stores?

    After saying this I do appreciate that Lidl is trying to move forward but please do not run before you can walk. Bigger supermarkets have had problems with this sort of expansion - please learn from their mistakes.

    Lidl has got a good reputation for good quality produce and goods at very reasonable prices - please keep it this way.

    For me the advert is too busy - too much non-specific information. Doesn't really tell me much about Lidl only that there are an awful lot of people in the advert.

    Sorry rant over. I do still love shopping at Lidl.


  • Tarantula wrote

    I keep going back to this blog and the comments of other Lidlers who have picked up on items other Lidlers missed. Flossy, Lloydies, GeoffG, Seakay all remarked on downsides on the 'Our-Big-On-Blog.
    Lidl, you have been around far too long here in Great Britain to try and be like the other supermarkets. You are superior to them in every aspect. Bring back the lines you have dropped, like the W5 Wash tablets you put into the washing machine with every wash like 'Calgon', same quality but a lot cheaper. Or your own brand of Instant Mash potato powder which disappeared about two years ago. By only bringing back some of these items you could drop that horrible 'Heinz' stuff. The same with the Colman stuff. What happened to the nice Batts English Mustard, Horse-radish sauce, Bramley Apple sauce, Tartar sauce and even the lovely Deluxe creamed Horse-radish sauce. Plenty of shelf room for those items, if some of the American 'Kraft' takeover brands get ditched. This is my considered opinion. Like I mentioned before, I have been shopping at the same Kitts Green Store for 20 years, except for the 18 months when it was knocked down and completely re-built. Only at that time did I shop at Aldi's and I have not been back since the Kitts green re-opening.

  • Tanith wrote

    Many of us, from the first iteration of this site, through the following years, have commented on many aspects of Lidl. Those aspects have been repeated and analysed. Therefore is is not unusual for several of us to promote the same ideas.

    With the advent of a Regional Manager and us Lidlers, stores can be improved. Why not ask for our comments on particular stores. I have two local ones and hence could comment on both of those. I am sure that other Lidlers will have their own local stores and perhaps a reasonable percentage of all the stores could be covered. We would be able to provide comments about what we see (NO ADDITIONAL work). AND feed that back. Comments about one store could be solved locally. If seevral people feed back the same issues about their own local stores, then it becomes more of a centralised problem.

    This can be done privately, if that is what is required.

  • Lloydies wrote

    I often pm via this site rather than mention specific stores to enable head office to visit.

  • nabob wrote

    More competitions please! I do agree with Tarantula about items ( yes all those items) disappearing, never to return. I especially miss the (changed) dried yeast (used for my bread Making) which has changed and also the bicarbonate of soda is now in pathetic little packets. Please can you stock more British stuff? and with less additives.... no glucose syrup please.... could go on... have a good weekend everyone.

  • harryflatters wrote

    Thanks 'nabob' - please do go on!! The rest of us do 'ad nauseam', me especially!! Youngest son Jonathan with us today for a few days and eldest son Mark tomorrow with his two boys, Samuel (7) and Oliver (4 and a half!!) so going to be a fun weekend! Hope you have a nice time too.

  • Mouse wrote

    I found the advert fast and I missed things but nothing seem to stick that I’m not aware of already. Lidl’s offer good things but some stores let themselves down with not knowing where things are, displays that seem to be a bit untidy. I am happy with my stores but others make me feel like your new advert so, over the place,

  • kc1 wrote

    I like the ad.. very busy... lots of promises- hope you will follow through.
    I'm big on letting you guys do your job.
    I know customer is king,, but this blog .... my oh my,,, so many moans and gripes !!

  • Tanith wrote

    Ah. BUT do you get feedback AFTER the head office visit?

  • Lloydies wrote

    I don't get feedback but something interesting happened recently :)
    We were in store when this person not dressed in any uniform starting chucking fruit/veg boxes here there and everywhere and we thought they were going bonkers....but it appears to us it was a "visiting area manager" who was dismayed at the state of the display and empty boxes strewn everywhere :(
    Too often our store looks like a *** tip and we are aware when the locusts visit (holidaymakers) that it is hard to restock with a lack of staff in the correct place/time.
    Tills ae never monitored enough anything like at our Aldi store where theres always people instore but always staff monitoring queues on till areas.
    Lidl self checking doesn't work as more often than not they are not working 99% of the time.

    @kc1 if we don't whinge but just go elsewhere it'll end up like that other big company that have lost many customers!
    Its called constructive criticism :)

  • Jade wrote

    Wow from me too, an advert packed full of what you can offer, and everything @Tanith said. Love it. I look forward to what is to come.

  • Ezeeboo wrote

    Lovely ad. Loads of family moments. I watched it..then decided to play a game and drink everytime he said big......

  • Ezeeboo wrote

    I am going to do something I hate doing and call someone out.
    @tarantula please don't even go there with the multiculturalism political correctness. Just focus the food and products. If you don't like that there were BAME in the ad and it was a representation of their customer base/ society then stop shopping at lidl. We face enough discrimination in real life without wanting to deal with this offhand comments that do more harm than good. Thank you.

  • Tanith wrote

    Thank you for that Lloydies. All criticism is good; some people moan, but mostly we offer constructive criticism. We do not state 'something is bad/wrong' we say 'something is wrong and this is a solution'. We also state why it is wrong/bad.