Summer ready

by Ray_Lidl

We've been so lucky with the Easter break weather, and as summer looms ever closer we just can't wait to get the sun hats and swimming suits on to enjoy more of that vitamin D goodness. 

Here's a quick reminder of things to be mindful of when we're out there enjoying the sun for the next few months.

Lotion up
The absolute number one thing we should always be mindful of. A light breeze on a hot day can be quite misleading as it's easy to forget how harmful the sun's rays can be with the cooling effect of the wind. Protect your skin always with a sun lotion, and don't forget to top up often. Lidl’s Cien Sun Lotion is perfect for this, so make sure you keep an eye out for it in stores!

Hydrate yourself
One of the best things I've ever invested in was an insulated water bottle. These things keep cold water cold, and hot water hot for around 8 hours. I'd recommend one of these (or any kind of portable water flask) if you're going out and about in town or for a longer walk in the countryside. You should always bring water and drink at intervals even if you're not feeling thirsty. Don't wait till your body is asking for it.

Protect your eyes
Similar to the point about protecting your skin, it's easy to forget how harmful the sun's rays can be on the eyes. Invest in a pair of sunglasses with UV protection. They don't have to be expensive, but you should always ensure they have 100% UV protection. You'll find a range of 100% UV protection sunglasses from Lidl in store early May. 
Ultimate day on the beach checklist
1. Everything mentioned above 
2. Beach mat/towel
3. Beach shoes
4. Snacks
5. A good book
6. Beach ball

Pool floats
If you're planning to spend some time at a resort abroad or you're lucky enough to have a pool in the garden, you absolutely need one of these. Just trust us on this one. And you'll be glad to know Lidl has got some wild and wacky floats arriving in store soon!

Garden lounging
You don't have to go anywhere special to enjoy the sun. With a sun lounger (or just a towel) and a portable speaker you'll have everything you need for a quick top up of vitamin D without even leaving the comfort of your home. 

We hope this has given you some ideas on what you might need in the coming months. Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for the products we'll be stocking in the new few weeks. We can probably help out with your checklist!

Now go forth and enjoy the sunshine :) 



  • Jade wrote

    Thank you for this useful information @Ray_Lidl The one item I will be needing is Insect repellent as going on a Caribbean cruise next month. I already have the sun cream for the week before the cruise in Orlando.... So going just a little bit further than my garden..... :)

  • Ray_Lidl wrote

    Sounds amazing @Jade. The Caribbean is on my list for some time in the future. Absolutely agree on the tip about insect repellent :)

  • Jade wrote

    This will be the last time we fly out for a holiday as I have a problem with jet lag on returning home now I'm much older and my old body can't handle it. :( We wish we had done the long hauls when we were younger so don't leave it too late in the future @Ray_Lidl... Lol We normally cruise from Southampton as it is only 40 minutes drive from us and so easy.

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    Some useful info there Ray_lidl, I would usually make sure I have a wide-rimmed sunhat...definitely some high factor sunglasses & lotion, plenty of water,... I always make sure I either wear or take a long sleeved cotton blouse or top, just in case it gets really hot. I always find that it’s nice to keep my skin cool. & I may take some long cotton leggings or loose trousers in case I want to cover up my legs...., take some Antihistamine tabs before I go,; take with me maybe some tea tree oil or mild hydrocortisone ointment in case I get bitten! 😬....aah @jade you will have a fabulous cruise🚢 ....years ago, my mum did the Caribbean cruise & loved it! ....yes, I agree, go on these long haul trips whilst you are young@Ray_lidl(that’s assuming you are young)! 😉

  • Jade wrote

    This will be our fourth time there @ShayM4 so making the most of it..... I think all new team are young ones ...... @Ray_Lidl

    Will there be a time when we can properly tag names in the blogs Ray?

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    Fourth time on the Caribbean cruise? will look forward more I think knowing it probably is your last one😎.......&Here here @Jade Would be better & easier to be able to tag names 🙏.....

  • walktolidl wrote

    I'd be interested to see if any jumbo pool floats appear at Lidl!

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    @walktolidl me too! I’m certainly going to keep my eyes peeled👀 for the floats!

  • Tanith wrote

    And if you are on or near water beware. You can really burn. It is misleading; cool and pleasant. However you get the suns rays from the sun AND reflected from the water.

    Hydrate; we are talking about 2-3 litres on a hot day. Good idea to have an insulated bottle. You can also keep it in a cool box. Sips are better than drinking whole bottle as you will sweat immediately after drinking a lot.

    Sun glasses and a hat with a wide brim. Be like me. Invest in a panama. You can look cool and be cool as well.

    Citronella candles are good if dining al fresco in the evening.

    I would also suggest that you get a 'little tan' prior to going on holiday. Better to have 1-2 hours sitting outside in the evening it starts the production of melanin and will mean that you are not brilliant white on the first day. This is especially true if you are going somewhere very hot.

  • Ray_Lidl wrote

    @ShayM4_ young at heart counts right? I think I still have a few long haul ones left in me :D

    The antihistamine one is definitely important. I really really love summer but along with it comes the clogged up nose and sneezing! I feel like antihistamines don't do much for me though so I also apply the nasal sprays and pack a whole loo roll with me wherever I go (beach or not!). Also love the tip about packing long sleeve clothing. It's the best way to protect the skin :)

    @Jade I'll feed that back to the team to see if there's anything we can do regarding blog tagging.

    @walktolidl please do keep your eyes peeled. They'll probably be announced on the Facebook page or you can keep an eye on the website.

    @Tanith, did not know about big gulps causing sweat. Will definitely keep this in mind!

  • Jade wrote

    Thank you @Ray_Lidl.....

    Ray, I can't take antihistamines so I use homeopathic remedies for hay fever. When I go abroad I also take loo roll with me as the toilets in some countries don't have it. But there is a male or female (depending which loo you use) handing out a few sheets of paper and expecting a tip each time. I found this in Turkey and Africa countries.

  • Tarantula wrote

    At my age, I don't think that I have to be preached too about how to care with the rare sunshine we are getting during the seasons. This is only for the know-all and ignorant people among us.

  • Mouse wrote

    Just want the sunshine part xxxxxx

  • niceguy wrote

    Are the new team aware that many people dot have an underscore on their keyboard therefore excluding them from communication. Why have this barrier ? What purpose does it serve ?

  • niceguy wrote

    Re loo roll when we went to France in the late fifties (1 was about ten taken by my parents) none of the Loos had paper provided it was sold by old ladies at the door. The local males all had loo roll in their manbags, two eye openers for me

  • weemam wrote

    Thanks for that @Ray-Lidl xx

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    If you are going abroad check the date on your passport, don't let it run out. Some countries insist on a minimum of 6 months on the passports. The other thing is to ensure you complete your next of kin at the back of your passports, especially when you renew your passport.

    If you are going somewhere like Canada, New York, Russia etc make sure you have your Visa's prepared in plenty of time but be careful not to get them all too early as some visas run out after 6 months.

    Another reminder is to get your EHIC before travelling to Europe or Switzerland, until the Brexit issue is resolved the cards are still necessary and valid. If you already have one remember to check the date, time flies by so quickly!

    My brother in law has just returned from a world cruise, he said how one lady was on her 14th world cruise. She said it is cheaper to spend 3 months on a cruise ship than at home during the winter. She has a cabin with a window so the prices are not so high.

    My brother in law did say 9 people died on his cruise this time, I suppose we forget that normal things still go on while cruising.

    How long are you going for @Jade? You are very brave flying out, I would only ever fly if I really had to.

    I really want you to have the best time ever, you deserve it @Jade x

  • Tanith wrote

    Many people, well older people, people who have retired, will spend 3-4 months in The Canaries, Madeira, Southern Spain or other more temperate locations for exactly that reason. It can be cheaper (take into account everything you are not spending at home so that you do not double charge) to be abroad in the winter.

  • Tanith wrote

    Not so much big gulps. Drinking a litre bottle of water will cause immediate sweating and wash the electolytes from the body. Small, regular sips, will keep you topped up and cooler. It is why runners do not have ordinary water, but water with added nutrients, when competing.

    Each year, someone at Lidl, promotes Lidl's summer items. We the unassuming contributors at this site, comment. Those comment are then deleted, or not recovered when the site format changes. So all the useful hints that we gave, have been lost. Please get around to recovering those threads. It would save having to reitterate comments.

  • Jade wrote

    2 weeks @tommiesgirl this will definitely be the last time we fly out. The old body can't take it anymore ..... lol.

  • LOUSOUS wrote

    Thanks for that,we need at least 20 minutes without lotion for vitamin D. We have to be careful at the allotment

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    I think perhaps those tips we gave last year and the year before as well as the year before etc have now gone for good @Tanith, perhaps someone could help with answering that point please. @Ray_Lidl can you help please?

    I'm sorry but I don't agree with the list given for the beach @Ray_Lidl, no one goes to the beach without the essential, top of the list item.


    Of course everyone knows the importance of being able to build sandcastles or go around the rocks to search for crabs, shells and even the odd mussels 😉

  • Tanith wrote

    Allotments, gardening, hanging out the washing and other 'ordinary' activities can allow you enough time to garner all the vitamin D you need.

  • CathG wrote

    Thanks @Ray really useful info and to do list if you are spending time at the seaside. I live by a beach and you will not believe how many holiday makers let their children run around with no hat on or how many people I see who look like lobsters with sun burn. Most of all it is the poor dogs who are walked up and down in the heat who I most worry about. because the owners can not leave them in their caravans. At least the local cafes and shop owners leave out bowls of water for the dogs and sell doggie ice cream.

  • Tarantula wrote

    Between October and March, I take a Vitamin D supplement and at present, factor 50 is an easy grasp away on a shelf near the back door and it gets put on before stepping out for time pottering on the veg patch. With the fairly friendly weather, we have at present, the bird baths and various Patti water bowls are regularly checked and cleaned because of our resident crows who use any receptacle for dunking the chapatis the Asian family throws out without cutting them up.

  • Ray_Lidl wrote

    @tommiesgirl good call! I'll have to admit however that I've never had a bucket and spade at the beach personally. I'm sure it's loads of fun but I've seen how good the pros are and it just makes me want to sit down and let them get on with it (and yes when I say pros, I do mean the little ones).

    @CathG I really liked seeing water left out for dogs when I went to the seaside recently. Very thoughtful of them! Felt like I was around fellow dog lovers.

    To all asking for the return of old threads and messages, we're still getting our heads around the current software. However, if we do find a way to bring it all back rest assured we'll try our best to make it happen :)

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    @tommiesgirl! How could we forget the most essential equipment for a day at the beach! What is the world coming to! 🙈...& we forgot the windmill to put into the sand whilst we are building our sandcastles!

  • Jade wrote

    And a flag for the top of the castle @ShayM4 @tommiesgirl @Ray_Lidl

  • ShayM4_- wrote

    Yes...@jade! 😆

  • tommiesgirl wrote

    See how important the Bucket and Spade is @Ray_Lidl? Adults will never learn to be pros without them. I think we will have to club together and get one for you. 😆

    I think its great that more and more places are putting out dishes of water for dogs now (it would be good if it was freshened up a few times a day too) The only thing that would worry me is that dogs can pass on infections just like the rest of us. 2 of my dogs picked up kennel cough, even though they were immunised, just by walking around somewhere that a dog suffering kennel cough had been previously. So I think we need to make sure our pets are all up to date with their health checks and immunisations before the summer comes in properly as we all let our cats out more or take our dogs out more in the dry weather.
    Personally we always buy some of the larger water bottles in Lidl )they come on packs of six I believe) and make sure we take a bottle and dish with us when we take them out. We have a collapsible water dish which comes in really useful.